Tales from the road

  • Ospreys

    There are several osprey towers, high towers with platforms placed on the top for nesting, set up in the area in which I live, and it is fun to see, especially in the spring, life inside the nests, even if from a distance (which is as close as one can get). Sorry about the photo […]

  • Curves

    When riding streets or highways you are going to come upon curves in the roadway.  These should be handled with caution as you are going to be out of the line of vision for a short time for drivers coming around the curve in the same direction.  This is especially true if you are on […]

  • Obstacles in the Trail

    Something to remember as you ride a trail, even your favorite trail with which you are quite familiar, is to not get lackadaisical.  Yes, trails are nice, usually smooth, and go through areas that make you want to look around.  But there can be hidden obstacles that could cause you problems.   Most the time, […]

  • Birds & Biking

    Each spring as I take up biking again there are many things that add to the enjoyment.  I’ve covered several times the various aromas wafting through the air as I ride around, mentioned the turtles lined up on logs along the shorelines of ponds, and think I have forgotten to mention the (almost) roar of […]

  • Litter-picking

    On May 1st I wrote about Earth Day and how I like to pick up litter when I walk or ride past it on the trail or street.  I also encouraged others to do the same when they can. A couple of days ago I was walking the neighborhood and found, about two blocks from […]

  • Aromas–Part 2

    Last week I blogged about spring aromas–lilac, crab apple tree, and other blossoms that, in the springtime, can be smelled from your bike a block or even more before you get to them (or a block after you pass them, depending on the wind direction). Well, a couple of days ago I was riding one […]

  • Spring aromas

    Once again spring is here and I have to mention the wonderful spring aromas that can be experienced while riding through the countryside or around the neighborhood.  The lilac bushes, crab apple trees, and other flowering plants are blooming in abundance and are beautiful to see and to smell.  I always figure that spring is […]

  • Earth Day

    Each year for Earth Day I go out somewhere around my neighborhood and pick up litter.  For several years now my cycling friend, Jay, has joined me.  We usually come home with a large box of trash, most of which is recyclable, that has mostly been thrown from moving vehicles.  That really angers me.  Actually, […]

  • Book reviews

    From time-to-time I go into my website to clean out the comments, which are almost entirely adds for Cialis, offers to help me improve my readership (by 300 views a day or more!), or other spam to which I pay little attention.  Last week, however, there were actually several comments about the book itself!  That […]

  • Yearly Milestone

    Something I’ve always seen as a yearly milestone is the first lemonade stand of the year.  I was riding two days ago, April 15th, and as I went through a neighborhood I heard someone shout, “Hey, you want some lemonade?”  One of my unwritten (or maybe it is now written) rules of bike riding is […]

  • Spring is Here!

    It’s been another long winter and I haven’t had anything about which to blog, unless you all really want to hear about which TV shows I watch while I ride the indoor bike.  Brooklyn 99 (the dumbest show I’ve ever loved), Elementary, Modern Family, and Meet the Press are my favorites–so now you know.  The […]

  • Arches & Canyonlands National Parks–Utah

    Yes, it has been quite a while since I have added anything to my blog.  As I stated earlier, I had a knee replacement in Dec. of 2015.  In June of 2016 I had the other knee replaced and have been recovering since, which really cut down on my summer cycling.  Therefore, I really had […]