A primer for adults who want to start bicycling again!

Re-Cycling: Taking Up Bicycling Again As An Adult

Do you want to take up cycling again? My book will help you get started!

My book is not for the ‘put your head down and ride like the wind while only seeing the pavement and tire in front of you’ rider.

Bruce Wynkoop’s book encourages adults to take up cycling again and covers, in plain language, and with a touch of humor……

……Starting out, buying the bike, equipment, where to ride, the rules of the road, more comfortable riding, and riding more seriously. He gives common sense suggestions for safer, more enjoyable cycling and answers questions he has been asked over the years by adults interested in taking up bicycling again.

Tales From the Road and More

The joys of taking up bicycling again as an adult.

Tales From the Road

Bruce shares the detailed and fun accounts
of his bicycle adventures.

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Trip Photo Galleries

Nothing says it like pictures,
so enjoy Bruce’s trip photos!

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Bruce is available to give two PowerPoint presentations about bicycling.

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