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TransAmerica Bicycle Route: A Lesson in Perseverance

In 2010 Bruce and a friend bicycled the TransAmerica Bicycle Route, a 4,250-mile journey, self-supported, carrying what they needed for the trip on their bicycles. The trip was an exciting, arduous, inspiring trek that took them two-and-a-half months to complete. Along the way they met numerous people also riding the trail, many of them from other countries, and had many interesting experiences.

To share this experience with others, Bruce put together a 45-minute PowerPoint presentation, aided by photos from his laptop, and followed by a 15-minute Question and Answer session.

The trip reinfocrced in us the fact that America is a great, beautiful country and that Americans are wonderful people, I stress this in my presentation.

``I believe that members of your organization would enjoy this presentation.``

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On YOUR end, presentations require a large-screen TV
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