Reader Testimonials

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The most fun I’ve had in years!

A 57 year old woman, I had a rusting beach cruiser in the storage shed and 30 lbs to lose. So I put “cycling” in the search engine (pretty much the only “cruising” I did) and this book came up. It has given me all of the most basic information I needed to get started.

This is an easy, fun, motivational read. It has opened up a whole world of fitness, happiness and great new friends for me. I’ve lost those 30 lbs, made friends at a local bicycle shop and in my own neighborhood, started commuting to work and communing with nature. And with good advise from this book it didn’t break the bank at all. For me, this little book came along at just the right time to be life-changing.

— D.Dunlap

This book was perfect!

It’s been 40 years since I rode bicycles (although I have been extensively riding motorcycles and rollerblading). Much has changed over the years.

This book was exactly what I needed to get back into the swing of things. Without going into too much detail, it gave the perfect amount of information one would need to get started being a safe and knowledgeable bicyclist. It’s an easy and pleasurable read. If one becomes more involved and needs more highly technical information, there are other books out there for that purpose. But for all the basics in a clear and concise book, this would be an excellent choice.

— R. Gilberg

An easy and fun read

Just finished reading, it’s like it was written for me…at 50, I’ve decided to get back into riding after not having a bike since I was in college.

I found this book informative without being technical, as well as entertaining and just fun to read. Great reminders of the rules of the road for bikes which I had forgotten over the years. I am enjoying my new hobby more with the help of this book…definitely recommend!

— L. Darkes

Fun Read! — Just do it!

What fun quick read. You can tell the author knows what he is talking about and he adds stories that make me want to get on my bike and go.

If you have been thinking about starting an exercise program this might be the book that helps you finally get started.

— S. Parker