Tales from the Road

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TransAmerica Chronicles

In 2010 Bruce and a friend bicycled the TransAmerica Bicycle Route, a 4,250-mile journey, self-supported, carrying what they needed for the trip on their bicycles.

Trail Rides USA Diaries

Read Bruce’s informative accounts of his bicycle trips on some of America’s best known bicycle routes, including local routes, such as the St. Paul Classic Bike Tour and the Tour of Saints.

Day Trips

I am adding some short-ride stories to my website as I don’t want people to think that one has to ride across-state or long day rides to enjoy bicycling.

Rants, Musings and Lessons

Over many years on the road—both on bicycles and as a St. Paul police officer for 33 years—Bruce has learned many lessons and he offers amusing tales and musings.

Bruce is available to give two presentations about bicycling.

In my presentations I like to encourage people to try bicycling as a form of recreation, exercise and transportation,
and to share the enjoyment bicycling has given me over the years.